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Chiropractic for Newborns? Absolutely!

Hello, Dr. Nilles here. I am so excited you are reading this blog, especially this one. I want to start with how chiropractic care works perfectly well with newborns.

Some of my patients may not know that I have two girls of my own. Right now, they are 26 and 25 years old. However, they were not always this old.

My girls

My wife Kathy and I were so filled with love when they first came into the world. They were our little bundles of joy, warmth, and completely dependent on us. As a father, I was scared and joyful at the same time. I wanted the best and the most from life for both of my girls. It was when they didn’t sleep, or they threw up, that I instantly felt something was wrong.

Most of the time, there was nothing wrong; they were babies. Yet, there are certain times when you know, as a parent, that something was indeed wrong. That was when I turned to chiropractic care.

I adjusted my oldest daughter Kellen after 10 days in the NICU. Jordyn, my youngest, was adjusted on day 1. Just removing that little pressure on the nerves, especially in the neck, was all that was necessary. Because of that, my girls slept better, ate better, and were happy.

Adjusting babies from a few hours old, to a few days, to age 99, is what I specialize in. I want only the best for your baby, because I remember what it feels like to worry about their health.

With that, I want to share what I have learned, and how chiropractic care is effective for your new bundle(s) of joy.

How labor and delivery affects newborns

Labor and delivery are stressful on the mother’s body, but did you know that same stress affects the infant as well?

Many parents may not know if their child has any birth injuries since there may not be any visible pain. Plus, the injuries may go unnoticed. Left unchecked, those injuries can lead to nerve damage and other health problems.

Common injuries after labor and delivery

Common injuries an infant can suffer from include bone fractures, brachial plexus palsy, and facial paralysis. Spinal subluxations are also common.

Spinal subluxations occur when one or more vertebrae move out place, adding stress and pressure on surrounding nerves. This is due to experiencing trauma during delivery.

Since the infant must pass through the narrow birth canal, doctors might assist the process by using medical tools or physical force. Doctors might use a suction vacuum to help the baby, or they will pull on the arms or neck. While this may help the baby get into a proper position, it causes trauma to the spine as well.


How chiropractic care can help

Now, many parents may ask if chiropractic care is safe for their baby. They may be wondering if it is safe because the baby could cry in pain during the treatment. Rest assured; chiropractic care is safe for babies. Chiropractic care for babies is much gentler than for adults. Some parents will bring in their newborn to the chiropractor the VERY NEXT DAY after delivery.

Many times, the baby will not notice what is happening. If the baby does cry, it is usually due to fear that something new is happening for the first time, or that a stranger they are not used to is touching them. Sometimes, chiropractors will use a tool called an Activator, place their thumb between the tool and the baby’s skin, and perform the adjustment. Chiropractors can also treat infants by placing them on a parent’s body and use gentle manipulation during the visit.

Common conditions that chiropractic care can treat

Chiropractic care helps with a variety of other conditions babies might suffer from. Colic. Breastfeeding problems. Ear infections and aches. Irritable infant syndrome, or fussiness. GERD. These conditions can be due to misalignment of the spine, putting pressure on the nerves in the baby’s body. Stress on the nerves result in pain and additional stress on other parts of the body, including the baby’s digestive, system, nervous system, and much more. With chiropractic care, the baby will begin to experience less pain, and any conditions they have will begin to disappear.

At Diamond Chiropractic…

Our team is exceptional with infant and prenatal care. We have taken care of hundreds of babies, from as young as a day old to their first adjustment at age 5.

Rest assured; your precious baby will be cared for, as if they, like you, are family.