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Chiropractic is not Entertainment

Welcome to the very first blog written for Diamond Chiropractic by me, Dr. Bob Nilles.

Have you ever noticed that everything today is about “impact”. Its for entertainment. We have fake news, we have politicians that tweet, they act, and they purposely put themselves in positions to be reporters. News reports twist, leave out words, and place just the right pictures to develop a divide for effect and most importantly evoke emotion. They are all entertainers. They want to entertain and confuse you so that you don’t think, you don’t question, and mostly don’t suspect their motives.

Medicine is no different. We always hear about the new medication. Ads are written by professional marketing companies for entertainment. You see a park, people running, family smiling, couples holding hands and, in the background, we hear a sexy voice gloss over the side effects of this miracle drug. That ad whether written for television or radio is simply entertainment. The objective is that you tie the drug to the pictures or lifestyle and don’t question the harmful side effects.

Chiropractic is completely different. Our profession is not so entertaining. A few positive words, a few bones maybe “popping”, possibly some acupuncture and that’s it – You simply get health. There are no side effects there is just a gradually decrease in symptoms. As a friend of mine always says, “here is the kicker”.

You the chiropractic patient is the entertainment. We, chiropractors, see you get better naturally the way you were suppose to. Patient getting well – it’s our entertainment. Chiropractors want to thank you our patients for getting well and providing us the most natural form of entertainment ever. I personally want to say that is why I love doing “my not so job” job.

Thanks so much for reading & getting amazing results!