Fun in the Sun… Without Low Back Pain

Warmer weather means more activities you can do outside, rather than be stuck indoors. Playing sports. Swimming. Hiking. Gardening. The list goes on. Because of this, though, more people experience pain in their lower back.

Let’s review how low back pain happens…

Low back pain is a common condition for everyone to experience. Not only can you suffer extreme pain in this area, but it can also be quite difficult to move around easily.

Posture & Frame 

In addition to being a common condition, low back pain can develop for a variety of reasons. Your posture while playing or watching a summer sport. How you lift heavy planters in the garden. Maybe you pinched a nerve as you were exercising.


Even your weight can affect your low back. Most people have a fast-paced schedule, always being on the move. Because of this, our meal choices can be affected, leading to weight changes. Having a balanced diet, even with a busy schedule, will help in getting rid of low back pain, along with controlling your weight.


Another factor to consider is your age. Our body starts to slow down as we get older. This includes healing and relaxing after doing certain physical activities. As such, symptoms like low back pain can develop after playing sports, or even gardening. 

The point is each case is different for each patient. This means that the reason behind your low back pain may be different from other cases.

How Diamond Chiropractic can help…

At Diamond Chiropractic, Dr. Nilles will review your unique case and develop a treatment plan for you. He will focus on relieving pressure off the nerves in the low back, targeting any imbalances in your body’s Zone 5 system, and providing suggestions to help you heal.

Dr. Nilles will also use needleless acupuncture to help the muscles relax and allow proper blood flow to the muscles.

Before you know it, you will be back to your regularly scheduled summer activities in no time!