Our staff is ready to warmly welcome you. We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can serve you!

The First Day

You can bring in the necessary paperwork completed by finding it on our website, or you can fill these forms out when you arrive. You’ll then see Dr. Nilles for a chiropractic consultation to review your health.

Dr. Nilles will escort you to the X-ray room where we’ll perform an examination, take your vital signs and take X-rays. We’ll start treatment to relieve your pain and will then schedule you back for a return visit.

Your first appointment with us takes 20-25 minutes.

The Second Day

Your next visit involves a report of findings also known as coordination of care with Dr. Nilles. He’ll be ready to inform you:

  • What your health challenge is
  • How we can help you
  • How many visits you’ll need
  • What the cost will be
  • We’re ready to answer any questions you have. If you’re ready to get started, you’ll receive an adjustment and any needed therapies.

Regular Visits

When you see us on following visits, you will see Dr. Nilles for a spinal adjustment and then any needed therapies. We’ll answer any questions you have and reschedule you for your next visit. Every patient is released from care when the recommended visits are completed. When your condition is resolved, you will make a proactive choice to maintain your new improved spinal health through maintenance visits or see us when needed.

Your Health Resource

Dr. Nilles is happy to discuss your lifestyle habits with you and make personalized recommendations that can help you get better, faster. We’ll talk about your home and work life during your visits and give you individualized advice, helping you in every way possible.