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Pregnancy Chiropractor Omaha

God gave women the miraculous ability to create life. However, while childbirth is a unique celebration and blessing, the various changes brought on by pregnancy can also make it a stressful time.

One aspect of chiropractic care that many patients may not be aware is an option are services for expecting mothers.

Experiencing pregnancy can be a dichotomy of the most cherished, challenging, wonderful and vulnerable months during a woman’s life.

Since the body is performing at a higher capacity than normal, it suffers from stress and fatigue while sharing energy with the baby.

Although to some it might seem uncommon, chiropractic care is used widely by practitioners as a safe option to help manage prenatal and pregnancy conditions that can cause discomfort in expecting mothers.

At Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture our professional and compassionate staff put their health and that of their unborn children as a priority by offering healing treatment that helps women feel more comfortable during the prenatal and pregnancy process.

Chiropractic prenatal and pregnancy care can benefit women greatly when introduced thoughtfully into an expecting mother’s wellness routine.

The musculoskeletal system within the body takes on a lot of extra stress with pregnancy. Changes during pregnancy often include lower back pain as these muscles try to support the abdomen.

The pelvis will feel sore as it expands to accommodate a larger uterus and weight gain can lead to nerve miscommunication between the brain and bodily nerves.

Chiropractic care for expecting mothers can help rekindle that communication.

At Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture our staff is trained to use gentle manipulation and techniques to adjust a pregnant woman’s body providing relief from common conditions including back and joint pain, hand and foot numbness, fatigue, nausea and acid reflux, migraines, anxiety and depression, among others. 

Many of these can be controlled and even resolved with customized chiropractic care and offer additional results including reduced labor time and possible c-section avoidance during delivery.

We want nothing more than what’s best for you and your baby and that includes effective and gentle chiropractic care.

On a more personal note, being my best for patients each day means incorporating specific wellness routines into my lifestyle to help keep me positive and motivated.

My personal suggestions and methods include a healthy diet, doing some sort of exercise (such as walking), avoiding adverse addictions, getting adequate sleep, staying away from too much news, engaging in meditation and drinking a lot of water.

I try to do as much as I can to practice what I preach and encourage my patients to create similar wellness routines.

We should all be active participants in our overall health, which is why we also offer wellness assistance that includes advice and counseling on food choices, lifestyle changes and corrective exercises.

Remember, you don’t have to experience pain and discomfort during the prenatal and pregnancy process.

Our specialists help expecting mothers more easily adjust to the body’s changes during pregnancy to better prepare for their coming bundle of joy.