At Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture LLC, our Omaha chiropractor considers your health and wellness a top priority. We understand that when you’re in pain or experiencing other unpleasant symptoms, your focus is on getting better—and that’s exactly what our team specializes in. Our very own Dr. Robert Nilles has the experience and resources to help you find natural, non-invasive relief from your symptoms using our wide range of holistic treatments.

Services Provided By Our Chiropractic Team

Dr. Nilles has almost 20 years of experience in helping people just like you find relief from their pain and symptoms. Through the use of skilled chiropractic care, we’re able to deliver results without the need for risky prescription medications or potentially dangerous surgeries/invasive procedures. Below is a sampling of the many services we’re able to provide to patients in our Omaha office.

Family Chiropractic

We’re proud to offer chiropractic care to people of all ages, from infants to seniors. This care ranges from spinal and postural screenings to spinal adjustments and other therapies to improve spinal health. Schedule a consultation today to find out the best chiropractic care plan for you or a loved one in your family.

Auto Accident and Personal Injury Care

Many of the patients we see have recently suffered from injuries related to an auto accident or other incident. If you have recently been in a car accident or are in the middle of a personal injury case, don’t overlook the importance of seeing a chiropractor. After all, slip-and-fall incidents, car accidents, and other types of personal injury can easily result in spinal injuries, including whiplash and even herniated/bulging discs.


Our Omaha chiropractor is also able to offer needleless acupuncture, which is a great way to maximize the benefits of your chiropractic care without the use of needles. By using our micro-voltage TENS unit instead of needles, we’re able to pinpoint those master points throughout your body to help you find relief from symptoms.

Workman’s Compensation

Were you inured at work? Suffering from back or neck pain as a result of prolonged sitting or standing on-the-job? If so, then we encourage you to schedule a workman’s compensation appointment with our chiropractic team. We can create a customized care and treatment plan to help you find relief and avoid future injuries at work.

DOT Physicals

Dr. Robert Nilles is happy to provide DOT/CDL medical exams to commercial drivers and school bus drivers alike. These exams cost just $65 and are available during regular office hours, so call us to schedule yours today.

Sports Injuries

Athletic injuries can range from strains and sprains to plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and everything in between. See our chiropractor to get off the bench and back in the game with our chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation.

Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Robert Nilles using the Activator method. This instrument-based technique is great for those who don’t want to hear any popping noises during their adjustment.

Prone-specific Technique

Our preferred technique is light and specific. You’ll feel relaxed while we use minimal pressure or torque to deliver the adjustment. Sometimes you may even hear a “pop” – most of the time you will feel just a light slide of the vertebrae moving. This technique is safe for all ages.

Needleless Acupuncture

The master points in the body are targeted with micro voltage from a TENS unit. These powerful points are stimulated for 5-7 seconds each. We may use a total of 4-12 points, based on your condition.

Gonstead Technique

Gonstead Techniques are considered by many the ideal for the correction of pelvic and lumbar vetrebrae misalignments.

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