Springtime 2021

My favorite spring memory from childhood was planting potatoes. Yep you read that right potatoes. I grew up in a catholic household so potatoes were ALWAYS planted on Good Friday regardless of weather. Rain, sun, snow, frost, freezing rain — it didn’t matter. My dad Pete, know as Bud, was manning the spade and later the tractor. Our job as boys was to place the potato spud in and cover it up. We usually planted 150-200 potatoes. Then of course weeding and harvesting was always the worst part of growing potatoes. But OOH  the mashed potatoes with gravy was the BEST!

Well spring is here, and with spring comes changes. Changes in seasons related to your health, usually means allergies. If you have been in to see me lately— you know that allergies are a condition that we definitely treat.

How do we treat allergies you might ask. We use zone chiropractic to tell us. The active zone for  allergies is Zone 2. Zone 2 (Elimination system) is most involved with sinus issues and is the zone involved. So—I will treat zone 2 with adjustments. I then use my stim prop plus—that is my acupuncture device that I use either in your ears or on the top of your head—to stimulate points around the eyes and nose. I also use my activator (the gun type stapler) to loosen up the sinus bones. This treatment works amazingly and yes you will have to blow your nose shortly after the treatment. I will usually back this treatment up with a new concept for you to focus on. Magically and I mean magically your allergies will greatly improve. I promise!!

So to you I say let April showers bring you May flowers.