young man holding his shoulder

Working Out Shoulder Bursitis

Feeling pain in your shoulder? Does it worsen as you lift your arm? What about when you perform simple tasks, such as opening the door or reaching for something on a shelf? If you thought “yes” to any of these questions, more than likely, you are dealing with shoulder bursitis.

Bursitis occurs when there is inflammation in the bursa, a tiny fluid-filled sac located between tissues in the body. This small sac provide a gliding surface between the body tissues and bones, reducing friction when they move. Out of the 160 bursae located throughout the body, the larger bursae are found near prominent joints, which include the knees, hips, elbows, and shoulders. When there is inflammation or injury present, this can result in bursitis.

Pain from Bursitis

Pain is the most common sign of shoulder bursitis, along with feeling stiff and swollen. The affected area may appear red due to inflammation as well. Because of the inflammation, you may not be able to move your shoulder as effortlessly as before. Although the pain can be specific based on the type of injury sustained, common movements such as lifting, pushing, or “circling” your arm can hurt. Any pressure on the affected shoulder, such as lying down on it, can add more pain and injury, too.

Now, your question may be, “who is more likely to suffer from shoulder bursitis”. The answer is: anyone. Although the most prone to this condition include athletes and musicians, just about anyone can develop bursitis. This is due to the shoulder joint’s large range in mobility and motions, and the many repetitive actions we perform daily. In addition, anyone can experience bursitis in other areas of the body, such as the elbow, knee, hip, thigh, or even the heel. Keep in mind that bursitis can be due to overuse of the joint, so it can affect different areas of the body.

Treatment for Bursitis

When it comes to shoulder bursitis, our team at Diamond Chiropractic understands how difficult performing daily tasks can be, and how you want to recover as soon as possible. Visiting our office helps you get on that path for recovery, through manipulation of the spine and shoulder, as well as therapeutic exercises to bring strength back. While patients may not be at tip-top shape right away, know that our bodies take time to heal. Slowly integrating certain activities and tasks is part of that process.