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Class is back in session! It’s time to crack open those textbooks, jot down some notes, and doing homework. Included with these tasks are complaints of the extra workload and back pain from carrying it home. Back Pain and Your Kids Back pain not only affects adults, but also children and teens. The reason: overweight …

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How to Thaw Out Frozen Shoulder

Because of its vast range of mobility, the shoulder is one of the most used joints in the human body. It allows us to reach over our heads, behind our backs, across our bodies, and much more. With this kind of mobility, we are able to reach for something on a higher shelf, grasp something …

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Working Out Shoulder Bursitis

Feeling pain in your shoulder? Does it worsen as you lift your arm? What about when you perform simple tasks, such as opening the door or reaching for something on a shelf? If you thought “yes” to any of these questions, more than likely, you are dealing with shoulder bursitis. Bursitis occurs when there is …

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Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

Though we do not notice it, our shoulder’s range in motion is amazing. Because it has a vast range for mobility, we can perform various activities. Throwing a baseball/softball. Swimming in the public pool. Reaching for an item on a high shelf. Even reaching back to put an arm through a shirt sleeve. All these …

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Children Becoming Chiro Kids

Patients who walk through our doors will notice a board, located by the front desk, with numerous pictures of Diamond Chiropractic’s youngest patients. These tikes, tots, and teens are our Chiro Kids, all thanks to their parents. Regardless of a child’s age, their parents may be questioning whether chiropractic care is an option. This is …

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Chiropractic is not Entertainment

Welcome to the very first blog written for Diamond Chiropractic by me, Dr. Bob Nilles. Have you ever noticed that everything today is about “impact”? Impact is a fancy word for acting, influencing, and entertaining. That’s all it is. Today, everything is for entertainment. We have fake news. We have politicians that tweet, act, and …

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Dive into the Facts: Swimmer’s Ear

Kids laughing and cheering in the pool. The sun rising to its highest point. Parents lounging by the water. Ideal imagery of a hot summer day at the pool. However, when a child experiences ear pain, parents may wonder how it happened. Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) is a bacterial infection in the outer ear canal. …

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Best Chiropractor in Omaha!

Best Chiropractor in Omaha Chiropractic is a holistic profession that provides a variety of treatment techniques and philosophies, allowing it to appeal to many people. Patients may come for a routine check-up, chronic back pain, and injuries sustained from work or auto accidents. Because chiropractic care is a holistic approach to healing, and it focuses …

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