benefits of chiropractic care for seniors

Are you a senior looking for chiropractic care? The benefit of chiropractic care for elderly individuals in Omaha NE is becoming more well-known and understood. Unfortunately, the positive effects that chiropractic care can provide for the maturing population are often underestimated and don’t receive as much attention. Many people would be surprised to hear that hundreds of thousands of elderly and aging people across the United States have been fortunate enough to receive the benefits of chiropractic care, many of them at Diamond Chiropractic Omaha South here in Omaha NE.


As people age the necessity for routine and symptomatic chiropractic care increases. Most people are aware that as we become older it is not uncommon to see decreases in vision and hearing. However, the effect that the aging process has on our spine and other joints is often ignored or put on the back burner. Some of the changes that we experience as we age cannot be avoided, but this doesn't mean we cannot receive care to slow the processes and alleviate the symptoms associated with the aging process. As people become older, they often experience decreases in muscle mass, bone density, and elasticity of ligaments and tendons. As a result, there is often an increased risk of fractures, decreased flexibility, and trouble maintaining balance. Therefore, through specific and specialized chiropractic care at Diamond Chiropractic Omaha South, our doctors will aim to reduce the pain resulting from long and short-term diseases, improve ambulation and flexibility, enhance balance and stability, and improve each patient's overall quality of life.

To accomplish this, our doctors at Diamond Chiropractic Omaha South will use a combination of spinal and extremity adjustments, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutritional and supplemental advice, and exercise programs. As a result, patients receiving chiropractic care have reported less reliance on medications, less pain, a sense of having more control over their own health, and a longer and healthier life in general. What separates our doctors at Diamond Chiropractic Omaha South is that they will not only act as your healthcare provider but also as your healthcare educator.


As mentioned above, many of the changes associated with growing older are unavoidable. What many people don't understand is that many of the symptoms people experience as they age are a direct result of changes occurring in the spine. As people mature, the structures of the spine often calcify, dry, weaken, and become rigid. As a result, patients often report increased pain, decreased flexibility and motion, and poor balance. These changes also cause the body to not be able to adapt and respond to stress like it normally would have been able to. Therefore, these alterations also cause the spine and other joints to become more susceptible to injury and disease processes such as arthritis.

Our doctors at Diamond Chiropractic Omaha South are trained and have many years of experience that allow them to interpret and treat these age-related changes on a case-by-case basis. Through the administration of gentle adjustive techniques specialized for the elderly population, participation in exercise and physical therapy programs, nutritional and supplemental advice, and proprioceptive (balance) training, the doctor and patient will act as a team to slow the aging process. These therapies and treatments will be aimed at treating the cause of the symptoms instead of masking them and making them less noticeable. Through this process, our patients will experience a longer, less diseased, and more enjoyable life.

Zone Technique for Seniors

In every case, every condition can derive from one or more zones of the body. The Zone Technique allows our chiropractor to ask the body which zone(s) is imbalanced and focus on correcting the pain.

Zone 5 – Musculoskeletal

The most common zone for senior care cases is Zone 5. This zone is responsible for allowing you to move and stay upright. Living an active and healthy lifestyle helps keep this zone in proper shape. Although, this doesn’t mean it can’t suffer from stress and trauma. Whether it is physical, mental or emotional, stress on this zone leads to miscommunication between the brain and the body’s muscles.

For senior patients, this miscommunication can lead to conditions like arthritis, bursitis and spinal disc degeneration. Because of this, some patients will look at undergoing surgery – the most popular being hip/ knee replacements – or decreasing their activity levels. In fact, this makes the problem worse.

Staying active will help break up arthritis in joints, along with increasing your range of motion and keeping you healthy.

Zone 3 – Nervous System

Zone 3 works on regulating daily body functions, allowing the body to work properly. Essentially, it functions as your body’s “electrical system”, telling which systems to “stop” and/ or “start”.

Like other systems, though, this zone can suffer from stress/ trauma. When this happens, patients will feel tired and start making poor health choices. Senior patients may experience low energy levels, anxiety and/or depression, poor sleep patterns, and more. As a result, senior patients develop certain conditions that take longer to heal.

Balancing this zone will allow patients to sleep better, eat better and have more energy.

Zone 2 – Elimination System

Another common zone found in senior care cases is Zone 2. This zone is responsible for flushing out harmful substances from the body. If there is an imbalance in this system, the rest of the body can be affected.

For senior patients, the most common symptom to appear is constipation. Senior patients suffering from chronic constipation feel frustrated and start relying on medications and laxatives. However, while still taking those medications, patients will experience a case of diarrhea afterward. Soon, senior patients will suffer a continuous cycle of constipation and diarrhea.

As such, it is important to consider chiropractic care, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. 

Does my insurance cover Chiropractic?

Most of our patients are concerned about their insurance and how they would be covered with care. Rest assured, virtually all insurance companies cover chiropractic care. Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid plans all cover chiropractic care. If patients don’t have insurance, no worries! We make it work for each and every patient. The main focus is on the patient’s health and relieving them of any pain they may have.

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