pregnant woman

Pregnancy Chiropractor Omaha

God gave women the miraculous ability to create life. However, while childbirth is a unique celebration and blessing, the various changes brought on by pregnancy can also make it a stressful time. One aspect of chiropractic care that many patients may not be aware is an option are services for expecting mothers. Experiencing pregnancy can …

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My Why

Dr. Robert Nilles – My Why I come from a small farming town in Le Mars Iowa and am the middle of five boys. I grew up poor. The pride of our food came from our own farm and garden so nothing was taken for granted. My father was a workaholic like I consider myself …

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Slipping on Ice!!!

Colder months. Snow on the ground. For some, it is their   winter wonderland. For others, it is a winter nightmare. Slipping on ice is one of the most common injuries patients sustain during the winter months. From shoveling snow off the driveway to shuffling on the sidewalk, slipping and falling leads to experiencing pain in …

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healthy food platter

Diet Changes with Age

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process. Eating a good meal and exercising helps in keeping us energized and focused throughout our daily routines. As we age, though, we notice we can’t eat certain foods, start gaining weight and lose lean body mass. Due to this, it is important to look at our current …

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woman using her inhaler outside

Asthma Doctor Omaha

In recent years, research has shown that around 8% of the U.S. population (~25 million) are affected by asthma. Even with inhalers and other medications, people suffering from this condition continue searching for ways to stop the symptoms. Asthma is a chronic condition, best known for its reoccurring instances of wheezing and shortness of breath. …

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woman blowing her nose in a tissue

Allergy Season Omaha

Allergy Season Trees turning into fiery colors. Leaves falling. Cooler weather. All are signs that summer is ending, and fall is beginning. Our thoughts shift towards the seasonal holidays. We start adding layers to our everyday attire. It’s easy to get caught up in all the changes going on. One thing that may not have …

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woman holding her calf due to an injury

Shin Splints, Not Sprints

Enjoy running in the morning? Or do you prefer spending the day at the mall? Maybe you chase after a few kiddos around the yard. Regardless of the lifestyle, everyone has experienced tightness and burning in their lower legs. In other words, shin splints. Located in the front part of the leg, the shin refers …

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young boy on his back


Class is back in session! It’s time to crack open those textbooks, jot down some notes, and doing homework. Included with these tasks are complaints of the extra workload and pain from carrying it home. Back pain not only affects adults, but also children and teens. The reason: overweight backpacks. Carrying heavy backpacks to and …

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Chiropractor in Omaha helping with shoulder pain

How to Thaw Out Frozen Shoulder

Because of its vast range of mobility, the shoulder is one of the most used joints in the human body. It allows us to reach over our heads, behind our backs, across our bodies, and much more. With this kind of mobility, we are able to reach for something on a higher shelf, grasp something …

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