Don’t Be Salty. Be Healthy!

Salt – or sodium – is found in every meal we have in a day. While it appears naturally in most foods, we tend to add more to our food. Most of the time, we add it to get more flavor out of our meals. This is especially true as we grow older. As we …

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Springtime 2021

My favorite spring memory from childhood was planting potatoes. Yep you read that right potatoes. I grew up in a catholic household so potatoes were ALWAYS planted on Good Friday regardless of weather. Rain, sun, snow, frost, freezing rain — it didn’t matter. My dad Pete, know as Bud, was manning the spade and later …

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Having Sinus Issues?

Everyone looks forward to spring. Usually. This change in seasons, though, can mean potential trouble for your sinuses. More specifically, dealing with sinus issues. Suffering from sinus issues makes it difficult to enjoy the beautiful, warm weather. This causes many people to search for ways to find relief. Sometimes, just taking over-the-counter medications isn’t enough. …

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pregnant woman

Pregnancy Chiropractor Omaha

God gave women the miraculous ability to create life. However, while childbirth is a unique celebration and blessing, the various changes brought on by pregnancy can also make it a stressful time. Experiencing pregnancy can be a dichotomy of the most cherished, challenging, wonderful and vulnerable months during a woman’s life. There is good news, …

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My Why

Dr. Robert Nilles – My Why I come from a small farming town in Le Mars Iowa and am the middle of five boys. I grew up poor. The pride of our food came from our own farm and garden so nothing was taken for granted. My father was a workaholic like I consider myself …

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Slipping on Ice!!!

Colder months. Snow on the ground. For some, it is their winter wonderland. For others, it can be a winter nightmare. This is especially the case if you slip and fall on ice. Slipping on ice is one of the most common injuries patients sustain during the winter months. From shoveling snow off the driveway …

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healthy food platter

Diet Changes with Age

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process. Eating a good meal and exercising helps in keeping us energized and focused throughout our daily routines. As we age, though, we notice we can’t eat certain foods, start gaining weight and lose lean body mass. In other words, we notice how our diet changes along with …

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woman using her inhaler outside

Asthma Doctor Omaha

In recent years, research has shown that around 8% of the U.S. population (~25 million) are affected by asthma. Even with inhalers and other medications, people suffering from this condition continue searching for ways to stop the symptoms. Asthma is a chronic condition, best known for its reoccurring instances of wheezing and shortness of breath. …

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