woman holding her calf due to an injury

Shin Splints, Not Sprints

Enjoy running in the morning? Or do you prefer spending the day at the mall? Maybe you chase after a few kiddos around the yard. Regardless of the lifestyle, everyone has experienced tightness and burning in their lower legs. In other words, shin splints.

Located in the front part of the leg, the shin refers to the tibia bone. The tibia, along with the fibula, make up the lower part of the leg, and they work together to support and carry all our body weight. In addition to this, the shin absorbs shock while exercising, supports the arch of the foot, and raises the toes. This in mind, shin splints often appear when training routines, and even daily routines, change.

Shin splints appear in people with various activity levels. For athletes, shin splints occur due to improper stretching before and after exercise, over-exerting the body, skipping resting periods between exercises, and even wearing the wrong shoes. As for non-athletes, they develop through adding or changing your daily routine. Another common cause is having flatfeet, when the arches in the feet flatten and allow all the soles of the feet to touch the floor.

Resting and icing the shins are recommended for healing shin splints, along with seeking chiropractic treatment. Here at Diamond Chiropractic, we focus on where the pain radiates most in the leg and relieve it through gentle manipulation. This includes restoring the shins to top condition and decreasing the chances of developing shin splints again.

If you or a loved one is suffering from shin splints, contact Diamond Chiropractic today! Receive pain relief NOW and FAST.