Zone Technique Omaha

Zone Technique

At Diamond Chiropractic we use many techniques, but we have added a new technique called Zone Technique. The technique was created by  Dr. Thurman Fleet (1895-1983), an amazing chiropractor who practiced in San Antonio, TX.  He created Zone Therapy in 1931. Dr. Peter Goldman, DC of San Francisco, CA, was taught Zone Therapy in the early 1990s by four of Dr. Fleet’s own students. Goldman combined what he learned from those students with many years of study and application of principles of healing, from multiple sources, resulting in the creation of his own Zone Technique. 

Dr. Robert Nilles studied underneath Dr. Goldman and is now certified in the Zone Technique. This technique is very much different compared to other chiropractic techniques allowing the doctor to treat virtually all medical conditions using the Body, Mind and Spirit.