Zone 1


Glandular System

Since your body creates more chemicals than a pharmaceutical company, this zone is your inner pharmacy. The brain sends signals to the 200+ glands in the body, releasing essential hormones and chemicals for health. 

Various stressors including thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect our glandular system. If the stressors are of sufficient intensity, one or more subluxations of vertebrae will result. This subluxation will prohibit normal nerve energy from the brain center to the glands, resulting in decreased activity in some of the glands and increased activity in others. 

For example, prolonged fear or worry stresses the adrenal glands and, over time, causes illness. This misalignment interferes with the proper brain/nerve signals traveling to your glandular organs creating a multitude of dis-ease and problems.

An Unbalanced Zone 1 can cause symptoms like…

Memory loss, insomnia, skin rashes/conditions, alopecia, hair loss, menstrual irregularity,  infertility female and male, thyroid dysfunction, hypothyroidism, low energy, adrenal insufficiency,  depression, erectile dysfunction, quick to anger, lose temper easily, unable to concentrate or focus, low immunity, excessive appetite…

Balancing the Zone…

Dr. Nilles will perform a zone 1 specific prone adjustment as well as inform you, the patient, what you should expect from that treatment. Dr. Nilles will hand you a Zone 1 Sheet which describes exactly what you should be looking for as a result of this very specific adjustment. 

Balancing this zone usually takes 12-14 visits over a 4 week period of time. Its kind of like working out; if you exercised once, you wouldn’t expect to drop 10 lbs on the scale or run a 5K race immediately. Balancing this zone takes some time and it takes adjustments.

Once this Zone is balanced you can expect…

…Perfect Glandular Health:

  • strong immune function

  • great concentration and memory

  • perfect sleep

  • normal appetite

  • excellent skin, hair and nails

  • normal energy and emotional balance

  • excellent reproductive function