At Diamond Chiropractic & Acupuncture LLC, our Omaha chiropractor is committed to providing you with the best in holistic, non-invasive care. If you’ve been suffering from persistent back pain, neck pain, or other symptoms affecting your everyday life, we’re here to help. Our very own Dr. Robert Nilles has nearly two decades of experience helping patients just like you lead happier and healthier lives through skilled chiropractic care in Omaha.

Chiropractic Techniques and Services

Our chiropractic techniques and services are safe and adaptable enough to be used on patients of all ages, so you can feel good about bringing any member of your family into our office for care. Below is an overview of our chiropractic techniques and services, which can be used to relieve pain and other symptoms without the need for prescription medications or invasive procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Nilles always takes a patient-centered approach to chiropractic treatment, so we’ll begin with a thorough evaluation and discussion before making recommendations based on your symptoms, lifestyle, and other unique factors. After all, we believe there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” treatment.

Hands-On Spinal Adjustments

We can treat and relieve any number of symptoms using gentle spinal adjustments, which focus on improving the overall alignment of the spine and making manual corrections. Dr. Nilles has years of experience in performing gentle spinal adjustments on patients of all ages. Specifically, he utilizes soft, light pressure to adjust your spine carefully and subtly. You may hear some “popping” or other noises as your spine is adjusted during this procedure, but you should not experience any pain. In fact, many patients report that they find pain relief as a result of this procedure.

Instrument-Based Adjustments

We understand that some patients have a hard time getting past being able to hear the sounds of a manual adjustment, which is why we also offer instrument-based adjustments, also known as the Activator Method. This involves the use of a special instrument that still achieves similar results as a manual adjustment, but does so without any of the “popping” or other noises experienced. Dr. Nilles is highly experienced in the use of this method in our office.

Prone-Specific Adjustments

We also offer the prone-specific adjustment technique, which is a more focused service that uses minimal pressure or torque to adjust very small, targeted areas of the back. Often times, we will recommend these types of adjustments after you have already had a manual adjustment, as this technique is best for “fine tuning” any misalignment along the spinal column and is typically not used as a sole treatment on its own.

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