Slipping on Ice!!!

Colder months. Snow on the ground. For some, it is their winter wonderland. For others, it can be a winter nightmare. This is especially the case if you slip and fall on ice.

Slipping on ice is one of the most common injuries patients sustain during the winter months. From shoveling snow off the driveway to shuffling on the sidewalk, a slip and fall on ice leads to experiencing pain in multiple locations. 

Not only will you feel stiff and sore after scooping snow, but you will also feel pain if you land on your hip or tailbone after a slip.

After shoveling snow…

Shoveling snow can be one of the most demanding tasks your body endures during the winter. Especially when it becomes wet and heavy. Because you are bending and twisting while shoveling, slipping on ice and experiencing back pain increase.

This in mind, your best option for shoveling snow is pushing it into a snowbank. Make sure to use your arms and legs often, along with taking frequent breaks to warm up. Lastly, avoid letting snow pile up over time.

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Ways to avoid further pain from a fall…

Slipping on ice does occur often, feeling almost inevitable. However, there are several tips to help avoid further pain to your body. 

If you slip and are not able to stabilize yourself, slide into the fall. While you will still feel pain, it will not be as intense as landing on your hip or tailbone. 

In addition, avoid using your wrists or elbows to catch yourself.

Shovel pain away with chiropractic care!

If you experience pain from a recent fall/ slip from ice, contact Diamond Chiropractic. Alleviating pain, and your overall health, are our top priority, especially after slipping on icy terrain.

Get relief now so you can enjoy more winter activities.